Marine Construction

Mechanical and Marine Construction Corp. has built and rebuilt piers, bulkheads and seawalls from New Jersey to Riverhead. Our ability to manage non marine trades and marine trades alike gives us the advantage in installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing components on piers. We can provide a cost for the utility components of a pier. We can have our vessel and dock builders work alongside our building tradesmen to give a no hassle product without any outside coordination or management required by our client.

City Island Bridge

M-MC Inc. provided specialized commercial divers, equipment, marine work vessels in order to cut up and burn the steel sheets. We used underwater torch to burn the sheeting horizontally and vertically. Our divers worked with Tutor Perini team to rig the steel cut offs out of long island sound.  

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Northport Yacht Club

Northport, NY

South Pier Demolition and Replacement

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