Commercial Diving

Commercial Diving Construction

Mechanical and Marine Construction Corp. divers are highly trained and experienced in underwater construction. We dive in any water quality, at any time. We can be put on standby on or off your job. We have experience repairing marine foundations, wharves, power plants, vessels, cables and pipelines. Our divers utilize surface supplied diving equipment with communications.

We specialize in problem solving with our dive team creating the link between our marine engineers and the customer by providing informed observation of conditions in the field.

We are equipped to bury pipeline or marine cables as well as building marine foundations to house power plant structures and condensate cooling systems. Our electrical engineering division has the capability and experience to design underwater cathodic protection systems to prevent damaging, marine electrolysis and corrosion. Our dive team can install the cathodic protection system with full field support using welded anodes or impressed current system. We also can install and design a bridge lightning protection system from top to bottom.

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